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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Advances in numerical analysis of creep effect in time-dependent deflection of light-weight concrete slabsVakhshouri, B; Nejadi, S; Erkmen, E
2020-07-15Axial compressive behavior of concrete-filled FRP-steel wire reinforced thermoplastics pipe hybrid columnsGuo, YC; Xiao, SH; Shi, SW; Zeng, JJ; Wang, WQ; Zhao, HC
2020-12-01Ballistic performance of multi-layered aluminium and UHMWPE fibre laminate targets subjected to hypervelocity impact by tungsten alloy ballQu, K; Wu, C; Liu, J; Yao, Y; Deng, Y; Yi, C
2020-01-01Characterization of nonlinear viscoelasticity of magnetorheological grease under large oscillatory shear by using Fourier transform-Chebyshev analysisWang, H; Chang, T; Li, Y; Li, S; Zhang, G; Wang, J; Li, J
2016-05-01Recent advances in humidification dehumidification (HDH) desalination processes: Improved designs and productivityGiwa, A; Akther, N; Housani, AA; Haris, S; Hasan, SW
2020Structural damage detection and localization using a hybrid method and artificial intelligence techniquesHoshyar, AN; Samali, B; Liyanapathirana, R; Houshyar, AN; Yu, Y
2020-11-15Mechanical behaviors of CFRP-confined sustainable geopolymeric recycled aggregate concrete under both static and cyclic compressionsTang, Z; Li, W; Tam, VWY; Yan, L
2020-06-01Mechanical strength and self-sensing capacity of smart cementitious composite containing conductive rubber crumbsDong, W; Li, W; Wang, K; Vessalas, K; Zhang, S
2020-10-01Maximum likelihood estimation for nanoindentation on sodium aluminosilicate hydrate gel of geopolymer under different silica modulus and curing conditionsLuo, Z; Li, W; Gan, Y; Mendu, K; Shah, SP
2020-07-15Level-set topology optimization for maximizing fracture resistance of brittle materials using phase-field fracture modelWu, C; Fang, J; Zhou, S; Zhang, Z; Sun, G; Steven, GP; Li, Q
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