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2020-03-10Microwave-mediated noncatalytic synthesis of ethyl levulinate: A green process for fuel additive productionNguyen, HC; Ong, HC; Pham, TTT; Dinh, TKK; Su, CH
2020-04-01Kinetic and thermodynamic analysis of iron oxide reduction by graphite for CO<inf>2</inf> mitigation in chemical-looping combustionUbando, AT; Chen, WH; Show, PL; Ong, HC
2020-02-10Equivalent circuit representation of a vortex‐induced vibration‐based energy harvester using a semi‐empirical lumped parameter approachWang, J; Tang, L; Zhao, L; Hu, G; Song, R; Xu, K
2021-08-01A boost type switched-capacitor multi-level inverter for renewable energy sources with Self-Voltage balancing of capacitorsDeliri, S; Varesi, K; Siwakoti, YP; Blaabjerg, F
2021-01-01Sol-gel synthesized lithium orthosilicate as a reusable solid catalyst for biodiesel productionNguyen, HC; Pan, JW; Su, CH; Ong, HC; Chern, JM; Lin, JY
2021-02An experimental study of a two‐degree‐of‐freedom galloping energy harvesterHu, G; Wang, J; Qiao, H; Zhao, L; Li, Z; Tang, L
2022-10-25Sustainability of biodiesel production using immobilized enzymes: A strategy to meet future bio-economy challengesRaza, M; Ali, L; Inayat, A; Rocha-Meneses, L; Ahmed, SF; Mofijur, M; Jamil, F; Azimoh, CL
2021-09-01A highly carbon-efficient and techno-economically optimized process for the renewable-assisted synthesis of gas to liquid fuels, ammonia, and urea productsZiaei, M; Panahi, M; Fanaei, MA; Rafiee, A; Khalilpour, K
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