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2020-11-01Facile synthesis and anti-icing performance of superhydrophobic flower-like OTS-SiO<inf>2</inf> with tunable sizeQi, C; Chen, H; Sun, Y; Fu, Q; shen, L; Li, X; Liu, Y
2020-08-01Piezoresistivity enhancement of functional carbon black filled cement-based sensor using polypropylene fibreDong, W; Li, W; Wang, K; Guo, Y; Sheng, D; Shah, SP
2020-03Power-draw prediction by random forest based on operating parameters for an industrial ball millTohry, A; Chehreh Chelgani, S; Matin, SS; Noormohammadi, M
2022-07A computational approach to understand the breathing dynamics and pharmaceutical aerosol transport in a realistic airwaysArsalanloo, A; Abbasalizadeh, M; Khalilian, M; Saniee, Y; Ramezanpour, A; Islam, MS
2022-06-01Experimental analysis of water and slurry flows in gravity-driven helical mineral separatorsRomeijn, T; Behrens, M; Paul, G; Wei, D
2016-10-02Model-based evaluation on simultaneous nitrate and arsenite removal in a membrane biofilm reactorChen, X; Ni, BJ
2023-09-01A rigid-flexible coupled dynamic model of a flip-flow vibrating screen considering the effects of processed materialsLin, D; Ji, JC; Wang, X; Wang, Y; Xu, N; Ni, Q; Zhao, G; Feng, K
2023-03-15A non-linear model of screen panel for dynamics analysis of a flip-flow vibrating screenLin, D; Ji, J; Yu, C; Wang, X; Xu, N
2021-08Aging effects on airflow distribution and micron-particle transport and deposition in a human lung using CFD-DPM approachRahman, MM; Zhao, M; Islam, MS; Dong, K; Saha, SC
2022-01-01Free convection flow and heat transfer within attics in cold climateCui, H; Wang, W; Xu, F; Saha, S; Liu, Q
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