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2020-06-01Conversion of lignocellulosic corn agro-waste into cellulose derivative and its potential application as pharmaceutical excipientRahman, MS; Mondal, MIH; Yeasmin, MS; Abu Sayeed, M; Hossain, MA; Ahmed, MB
2020-02-01The potentiality of rice husk-derived activated carbon: From synthesis to applicationAlam, MM; Hossain, MA; Hossain, MD; Johir, MAH; Hossen, J; Rahman, MS; Zhou, JL; Hasan, ATMK; Karmakar, AK; Ahmed, MB
2020-07-01Alternative briquette material made from palm stem biomass mediated by glycerol crude of biodiesel byproducts as a natural adhesiveHelwani, Z; Ramli, M; Rusyana, A; Marlina, M; Fatra, W; Idroes, GM; Suhendra, R; Ashwie, V; Mahlia, TMI; Idroes, R
2019-12-01Two-step catalytic reactive extraction and transesterification process via ultrasonic irradiation for biodiesel production from solid Jatropha oil seedsTan, SX; Lim, S; Ong, HC; Pang, YL; Fitranto, K; Goh, BHH; Chong, CT
2020-03-01Techno-economic analysis of CO<inf>2</inf> capture technologies in offshore natural gas field: Implications to carbon capture and storage in MalaysiaSukor, NR; Shamsuddin, AH; Mahlia, TMI; Isa, MFM
2020-06-01Efficacies of carbon-based adsorbents for carbon dioxide captureKhandaker, T; Hossain, MS; Dhar, PK; Rahman, MS; Hossain, MA; Ahmed, MB
2020-04-01A comparative study of virgin coconut oil, coconut oil and palm oil in terms of their active ingredientsSuryani, S; Sariani, S; Earnestly, F; Marganof, M; Rahmawati, R; Sevindrajuta, S; Indra Mahlia, TM; Fudholi, A
-A Novel Approach in Crude Enzyme Laccase Production and Application in Emerging Contaminant BioremediationNguyen, LN; Vu, MT; Johir, MAH; Pathak, N; Zdarta, J; Jesionowski, T; Semblante, GU; Hai, FI; Nguyen, HKD; Nghiem, LD
2020-08Comparison of dual stage ultrafiltration and hybrid ultrafiltration-forward osmosis process for harvesting microalgae (Tetraselmis sp) biomassHafiz, M; Hawari, AH; Das, P; Khan, S; Altaee, A
2022-05-01A Comparison of Performance, Emissions, and Lube Oil Deterioration for Gasoline–Ethanol FuelAhmed, W; Usman, M; Shah, MH; Abbas, MM; Saleem, MW; Kalam, MA; Mahmoud, O
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