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2019-10-01Real-Time Tracking of Structural Stiffness Reduction with Unknown Inputs, Using Self-Adaptive Recursive Least-Square and Curvature-Change TechniquesAskari, M; Yu, Y; Zhang, C; Samali, B; Gu, X
2019-02-01Seismic Interaction between a Lined Tunnel and a Hill under Plane SV Waves by IBEMLiu, Z; Zhang, H; Cheng, A; Wu, C; Yang, G
2020-01-01Automated health condition diagnosis of in situ wood utility poles using an intelligent non-destructive evaluation (NDE) frameworkYu, Y; Subhani, M; Hoshyar, AN; Li, J; Li, H
2021-01-01Time-varying parameter identification of bridges subject to moving vehicles using ridge extraction based on empirical wavelet transformLi, J; Guo, J; Zhu, X
2020-01-01An improved deep learning model for online tool condition monitoring using output power signalsDai, L; Liu, T; Liu, Z; Jackson, L; Goodall, P; Shen, C; Mao, L
2020-11-01A stress-induced fractional dilatancy rule for claysLi, HC; Ma, B; Zhang, S; Sheng, DC
2020-07Assessment of a Hyperbolic Model for Undrained-Cyclic Shearing of Remolded ClayBanerjee, S; Malek, S
-Concurrent Identification of Impact Location and Force Magnitude on a Composite PanelKalhori, H; Alamdari, MM; Li, B; Halkon, B; Hosseini, SM; Ye, L; Li, Z
2020-09-01A Two-Step Drive-By Bridge Damage Detection Using Dual Kalman FilterLi, J; Zhu, X; Law, SS; Samali, B
2020-09-01Nonlinear Connection Stiffness Identification of Heritage Timber Buildings Using a Temperature-Driven Multi-Model ApproachYang, Q; Lyu, M; Zhu, X
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