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2020-04-01Controllable Electrically Interconnected Suspension System for Improving Vehicle Vibration PerformanceNing, D; Du, H; Zhang, N; Sun, S; Li, W
2020-10-01Model and gear shifting control of a novel two-speed transmission for battery electric vehiclesTian, Y; Zhang, N; Zhou, S; Walker, PD
2020-11-01Shifting strategy and energy management of a two-motor drive powertrain for extended-range electric busesNguyen, CT; Walker, PD; Zhang, N
2022-01-01Fixed-time synchronization of neural networks with time delay via quantized intermittent controlYang, W; Huang, J; Wen, S; He, X
2022-01-01A Generalized Per-Phase Equivalent Circuit Model of the PMSM With Predictable Core LossBa, X; Sun, X; Gong, Z; Guo, Y; Zhang, C; Zhu, J
2022-01-25A novel cooperative searching architecture for multi‐unmanned aerial vehicles under restricted communicationRan, H; Sun, L; Cheng, S; Ma, Y; Yan, S; Meng, S; Shi, K; Wen, S
2022-08-01Simultaneous Hand-Eye/Robot-World/Camera-IMU CalibrationWu, J; Wang, M; Jiang, Y; Yi, B; Fan, R; Liu, M
2021-11-09Multiobjective Optimization of a Five-Phase Bearingless Permanent Magnet Motor Considering Winding AreaShi, Z; Sun, X; Lei, G; Tian, X; Guo, Y; Zhu, J
2022-01-01Consensus-Based Autonomous Navigation of a Team of RIS-Equipped UAVs for LoS Wireless Communication With Mobile Nodes in High-Density AreasEskandari, M; Savkin, AV; Ni, W
2021-01-01An Improved Deadbeat Predictive Stator Flux Control with Reduced-Order Disturbance Observer for In-Wheel PMSMsSun, X; Zhang, Y; Lei, G; Guo, Y; Zhu, J
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