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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-08-01Acoustical damage detection of wind turbine blade using the improved incremental support vector data descriptionChen, B; Yu, S; Yu, Y; Zhou, Y
2020-02-01Biodiesel synthesis from Ceiba pentandra oil by microwave irradiation-assisted transesterification: ELM modeling and optimizationSilitonga, AS; Shamsuddin, AH; Mahlia, TMI; Milano, J; Kusumo, F; Siswantoro, J; Dharma, S; Sebayang, AH; Masjuki, HH; Ong, HC
2021-05-01Investigation of correlation between chemical composition and properties of biodiesel using principal component analysis (PCA) and artificial neural network (ANN)Jahirul, MI; Rasul, MG; Brown, RJ; Senadeera, W; Hosen, MA; Haque, R; Saha, SC; Mahlia, TMI
2019-09-01Two phase enzymatic membrane reactor for the production of biodiesel from crude Eruca sativa oilAghababaie, M; Beheshti, M; Razmjou, A; Bordbar, AK
2022-07-01Optimization of hydraulic power take-off system settings for point absorber wave energy converterAmini, E; Mehdipour, H; Faraggiana, E; Golbaz, D; Mozaffari, S; Bracco, G; Neshat, M
2020Advanced CRISPR/Cas-based genome editing tools for microbial biofuels production: A reviewShanmugam, S; Ngo, HH; Wu, YR
2021-11-01Do cyclone impacts really matter for the long-term performance of an offshore wind turbine?Chen, Y; Wu, D; Yu, Y; Gao, W
2022-04-01Predicting the performance of spiral-wound membranes in pressure-retarded osmosis processesMatta, SM; Selam, MA; Manzoor, H; Adham, S; Shon, HK; Castier, M; Abdel-Wahab, A
2022-07-01Evaluation of hydrous ethanol as a fuel for internal combustion engines: A reviewWang, X; Gao, J; Chen, Z; Chen, H; Zhao, Y; Huang, Y; Chen, Z
2019-06-01Investigation on particulate emissions and combustion characteristics of a common-rail diesel engine fueled with Moringa oleifera biodiesel-diesel blendsTeoh, YH; How, HG; Masjuki, HH; Nguyen, HT; Kalam, MA; Alabdulkarem, A
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