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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-02A two-degree-of-freedom string-driven rotor for efficient energy harvesting from ultra-low frequency excitationsTan, Q; Fan, K; Tao, K; Zhao, L; Cai, M
2020-11-01Effects of dry and wet torrefaction pretreatment on microalgae pyrolysis analyzed by TG-FTIR and double-shot Py-GC/MSGan, YY; Chen, WH; Ong, HC; Sheen, HK; Chang, JS; Hsieh, TH; Ling, TC
2019-12-01On the application of Home Energy Management Systems for power grid supportNizami, MSH; Haque, ANMM; Nguyen, PH; Hossain, MJ
2022-09-01Insights into the development of microbial fuel cells for generating biohydrogen, bioelectricity, and treating wastewaterAhmed, SF; Mofijur, M; Islam, N; Parisa, TA; Rafa, N; Bokhari, A; Klemeš, JJ; Indra Mahlia, TM
2022-12-15Multi-step-ahead solar output time series prediction with gate recurrent unit neural network using data decomposition and cooperation search algorithmFeng, ZK; Huang, QQ; Niu, WJ; Yang, T; Wang, JY; Wen, SP
2022-07A novel combined forecasting model based on neural networks, deep learning approaches, and multi-objective optimization for short-term wind speed forecastingWang, J; An, Y; Li, Z; Lu, H
2022-12-01Clean energy futures: An Australian based foresight studyGilmore, N; Koskinen, I; van Gennip, D; Paget, G; Burr, PA; Obbard, EG; Daiyan, R; Sproul, A; Kay, M; Lennon, A; Konstantinou, G; Hemer, M; Gui, EM; Gurieff, N
2022-01-15Robust energy systems scheduling considering uncertainties and demand side emission impactsWang, Y; Qiu, J; Tao, Y
2022-01-15Single-step catalytic deoxygenation of palm feedstocks for the production of sustainable bio-jet fuelWhy, ESK; Ong, HC; Lee, HV; Chen, WH; Asikin-Mijan, N; Varman, M; Loh, WJ
2022-08-01Optimizing operation parameters of a spark-ignition engine fueled with biogas-hydrogen blend integrated into biomass-solar hybrid renewable energy systemBui, VG; Tu Bui, TM; Ong, HC; Nižetić, S; Bui, VH; Xuan Nguyen, TT; Atabani, AE; Štěpanec, L; Phu Pham, LH; Hoang, AT
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