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2022-07-25Impact of Alkyl Chain Length on the Properties of Fluorenyl-Based Linear Hole-Transport Materials in p-i-n Perovskites Solar CellsSun, Z; Liu, Z; Zhang, J; Zhou, C; Chen, Z; Chen, L; Zhang, S; Jia, X; Zhang, J; Zhou, Y; Song, B; Yuan, N; Ding, J
2023-01-01State-of-the-Art Passive Beam-Steering Antenna Technologies: Challenges and CapabilitiesAhmed, F; Singh, K; Esselle, KP
2023-10-15Fabrication of carbon-based hydrogel membrane for landfill leachate wastewater treatmentKarbassiyazdi, E; Altaee, A; Ibrar, I; Razmjou, A; Alsaka, L; Ganbat, N; Malekizadeh, A; Ghobadi, R; Khabbaz, H
2023-07Kappa carrageenan-vanillin composite hydrogel for landfill leachate wastewater treatmentIbrar, I; Alsaka, L; Yadav, S; Altaee, A; Zhou, JL; Shon, HK
2023-01-01Semantic-Preserving Adversarial Text AttacksYang, X; Gong, Y; Liu, W; Bailey, J; Tao, D; Liu, W
2022-04-20Selective flotation separation of bastnaesite from dolomite using β-naphthyl sulfonate formaldehyde condensate as depressant: Experimental and calculational studiesLiu, S; Mao, Y; Luo, Y; Weng, X; Chen, Q; Li, H; Yi, H; Song, S; He, D
2023-06-01MbSRS: A multi-behavior streaming recommender systemZhao, Y; Wang, S; Wang, Y; Liu, H
2022-01-01Effect of Phononic Crystal Orientation on AlNon-Silicon Lamb Wave Micromechanical ResonatorsYang, R; Zhang, Y; Qian, J; Lee, JEY
2023A Novel Nature-inspired Algorithm for Optimal Task Scheduling in Fog-Cloud Blockchain SystemNguyen, BM; Nguyen, T; Vu, Q-H; Tran, HH; Vo, H; Son, DB; Binh, HTT; Yu, S; Wu, Z
2022-01-01SPG-VTON: Semantic Prediction Guidance for Multi-Pose Virtual Try-onHu, B; Liu, P; Zheng, Z; Ren, M
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