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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-06-01Influence of operating parameters and membrane fouling on nutrient transport by FO membraneSuleman, SB; Hai, FI; Mukhtar, H; Duong, HC; Ansari, AJ
2024-03-01Purple acid phosphatase promoted hydrolysis of organophosphate pesticides in microalgaeWang, X; He, GH; Wang, ZY; Xu, HY; Mou, JH; Qin, ZH; Lin, CSK; Yang, WD; Zhang, Y; Li, HY
2023-09-01Biohydrogen production, storage, and delivery: A comprehensive overview of current strategies and limitationsFeng, S; Hao Ngo, H; Guo, W; Woong Chang, S; Duc Nguyen, D; Thanh Bui, X; Zhang, X; Ma, XY; Ngoc Hoang, B
2023-02-15Electrocatalytic ultrafiltration membrane reactors designed from dry-spun self-standing carbon nanotube sheetsRashed, AO; Huynh, C; Merenda, A; Qin, S; Maghe, M; Kong, L; Kondo, T; Razal, JM; Dumée, LF
2023-10-01Preparation of boronate affinity controllable-oriented polysaccharides magnetic molecularly imprinted polymer and its application for membrane flux improvementZhang, Q; Hu, J; Yang, C; Li, J; Liu, N; Guo, W; Dai, C; Wang, L; Tian, Y; Ngo, HH
2023-12Investigating the effects of polypropylene-TiO2 loading on the performance of polysulfone/polyetherimide ultrafiltration membranes for azo dye removal: Experimental and molecular dynamics simulationBenkhaya, S; Lgaz, H; Tang, H; Altaee, A; Haida, S; Vatanpour, V; Xiao, Y
2023-06-01Dry-spun carbon nanotube ultrafiltration membranes tailored by anti-viral metal oxide coatings for human coronavirus 229E capture in waterRashed, AO; Huynh, C; Merenda, A; Rodriguez-Andres, J; Kong, L; Kondo, T; Razal, JM; Dumée, LF
2023-01-15Stimuli-responsive heterojunctions based photo-electrocatalytic membrane reactors for reactive filtration of persistent organic pollutantsKumari, P; Bahadur, N; Conlan, XA; Zeng, X; Kong, L; O'Dell, LA; Sadek, A; Merenda, A; Dumée, LF
2023-12Assessing the effectiveness of site real-time adaptive control for stormwater quality controlMeng, X; Li, X; Nghiem, LD; Hatshan, MR; Lam, KL; Wang, Q
2023-10-01MOF-derived MoC-Fe heterojunctions encapsulated in N-doped carbon nanotubes for water splittingHuang, M; Zhou, S; Ma, DD; Wei, W; Zhu, QL; Huang, Z
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