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29-Oct-2012Comparison of high pole number ultra-low speed generator designs using slotted and air-gap windingsDorrell, DG; Ngu, SS; Cossar, C
1-Feb-2010Characterization of SOS-CMOS FETs at low temperatures for the design of integrated circuits for quantum bit control and readoutEkanayake, SR; Lehmann, T; Dzurak, AS; Clark, RG; Brawley, A
22-May-2013A novel approach to investigate the quantitative impact of harmonic currents on winding losses and short circuit forces in a furnace transformerCheema, MAM; Fletcher, JE; Dorrell, D; Junaid, M
1-Oct-2005Flux-linkage calculation in permanent-magnet motors using the frozen permeabilities methodWalker, JA; Dorrell, DG; Cossar, C
1-Jun-2007Analysis and effects of inter-bar current and skew on a long skewed-rotor induction motor for pump applicationsDorrell, DG; Holik, PJ; Rasmussen, CB
2-Aug-2013Proximity losses in the windings of high speed brushless permanent magnet AC motors with single tooth windings and parallel pathsPopescu, M; Dorrell, DG
1-Mar-2005Calculation and effects of end-ring impedance in cage induction motorsDorrell, DG
1-Jul-2010Unbalanced magnetic pull due to asymmetry and low-level static rotor eccentricity in fractional-slot brushless permanent-magnet motors with surface-magnet and consequent-pole rotorsDorrell, DG; Popescu, M; Ionel, DM
1-Jul-2009Fast analytical determination of aligned and unaligned flux linkage in switched reluctance motors based on a magnetic circuit modelMao, SH; Dorrell, D; Tsai, MC
1-Jan-2006Eddy current effects in a switched reluctance motorKlauz, M; Dorrell, DG
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