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2005-10-01Measurement and modeling of core losses of soft magnetic composites under 3-D magnetic excitations in rotating motorsGuo, YG; Zhu, JG; Lin, ZW; Zhong, JJ
2012-03-01A self-pumped high-temperature superconducting Josephson mixer: Modelling and measurementDu, J; MacFarlane, JC; Pegrum, CM; Zhang, T; Cai, Y; Guo, YJ
2007-11-01Measurement and modeling of thermal effects on magnetic hysteresis of soft ferritesLu, HY; Zhu, JG; Hui, SYR
2014-02-01Multiobjective sequential design optimization of PM-SMC motors for six sigma quality manufacturingLei, G; Zhu, J; Guo, Y; Shao, K; Xu, W
2015-05-07A magnetically levitated synchronous permanent magnet planar motor with concentric structure winding used for lithography machineZhang, L; Kou, B; Xing, F; Jin, Y; Zhang, H; Zhu, J
2006-07-01Measurement and modelling of magnetic properties of soft magnetic composite material under 2D vector magnetisationsGuo, YG; Zhu, JG; Zhong, JJ
2006-10-01Calibration of sensing coils of a three-dimensional magnetic property testerGuo, Y; Zhu, J; Lin, Z; Zhong, J; Lu, H; Wang, S
2010-06-01Measurement of soft magnetic composite material using an improved 3-D tester with flexible excitation coils and novel sensing coilsLi, Y; Zhu, J; Yang, Q; Lin, ZW; Guo, Y; Wang, Y
2007-06-01Design and analysis of a high-speed claw pole motor with soft magnetic composite coreHuang, Y; Zhu, J; Guo, Y; Lin, Z; Hu, Q
2005-03-01Calculation and effects of end-ring impedance in cage induction motorsDorrell, DG
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