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2014-01-01Characteristics of oxide scale formed on ferritic stainless steels in simulated reheating atmosphereCheng, X; Jiang, Z; Wei, D; Zhao, J; Monaghan, BJ; Longbottom, RJ; Jiang, L
2014-05-07An amorphous alloy core medium frequency magnetic-link for medium voltage photovoltaic invertersRabiul Islam, M; Guo, Y; Wei Lin, Z; Zhu, J
2013-01-01Improved mechanical properties of solution-cast silicone film reinforced with electrospun polyurethane nanofiber containing carbon nanotubesTijing, LD; Park, CH; Kang, SJ; Amarjargal, A; Kim, TH; Pant, HR; Kim, HJ; Lee, DH; Kim, CS
2013-08-02Evaluation of permanent magnet generator manufactured using postassembly magnetizationHsieh, MF; Hsu, YC; Dorrell, DG; Chen, PT
2011-04-01Three-dimensional magnetic properties of soft magnetic composite material at different frequenciesLi, Y; Lin, ZW; Liu, H; Wang, Y; Guo, Y; Zhu, J; Yang, Q
2011-04-15Preparation and characterization of visible light responsive Fe <inf>2</inf> O <inf>3</inf> -TiO <inf>2</inf> compositesLiu, H; Shon, HK; Sun, X; Vigneswaran, S; Nan, H
2006-01-01Multiquadrics collocation method for transient eddy current problemsZhang, Y; Shao, KR; Zhu, J
2011-10-01Domain decomposition combined radial basis function collocation method to solve transient eddy current magnetic problems with moving conductorsYang, G; Chen, X; Lei, G; Shao, KR; Guo, Y; Zhu, J; Lavers, JD
2016-11-07Response to “Comment on ‘Catastrophic degradation of the interface of epitaxial silicon carbide on silicon at high temperatures’” [Appl. Phys. Lett. 109, 196101 (2016)]Pradeepkumar, A; Mishra, N; Kermany, AR; Boeckl, JJ; Hellerstedt, J; Fuhrer, MS; Iacopi, F
2018-11-26Measuring monopole and dipole polarizability of acoustic meta-atomsJordaan, J; Punzet, S; Melnikov, A; Sanches, A; Oberst, S; Marburg, S; Powell, DA
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