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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014-01-01In situ assessment of structural timber using stress-wave measurementsDackermann, U; Crews, K; Kasal, B; Li, J; Riggio, M; Rinn, F; Tannert, T
2003-10-01Failure probability prediction of concrete componentsLi, QS; Fang, JQ; Liu, DK; Tang, J
2019-05Moisture and temperature induced swelling/shrinkage of softwood and hardwood glulam and LVL: An experimental studyChiniforush, AA; Akbarnezhad, A; Valipour, H; Malekmohammadi, S
2016-05-01General Purpose Cement with Increased Limestone Content in AustraliaMohammadi, IJ; South, W
2018-01-01Mechanisms of heavy metal immobilisation using geopolymerisation techniques – A reviewVu, TH; Gowripalan, N
2019-01-01Mitigating the risk of early age cracking in fly ash blended cement-based concrete using ferronickel slag sandNguyen, QD; Khan, MSH; Xu, T; Castel, A
2019-10-01RILEM TC 247-DTA round robin test: mix design and reproducibility of compressive strength of alkali-activated concretesProvis JL; Arbi K; Bernal SA; Bondar D; Buchwald A; Castel A; Chithiraputhiran S; Cyr M; Dehghan A; Dombrowski-Daube K; Dubey A; Ducman V; Gluth GJG; Nanukuttan S; Peterson K; Puertas F; van Riessen A; Torres-Carrasco M; Ye G; Zuo Y
2019-12-30Risk of early age cracking in geopolymer concrete due to restrained shrinkageKhan I; Xu T; Castel A; Gilbert RI; Babaee M
2016-01-15A dynamic-based method for the assessment of connection systems of timber composite structuresDackermann, U; Li, J; Rijal, R; Crews, K
2018-09-01Dispersion of graphene oxide agglomerates in cement paste and its effects on electrical resistivity and flexural strengthLi, X; Wang, L; Liu, Y; Li, W; Dong, B; Duan, WH
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