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2017-11-15Do the plants in functional green walls contribute to their ability to filter particulate matter?Pettit, T; Irga, PJ; Abdo, P; Torpy, FR
2016-01-15A comparative study of using static and ultrasonic material testing methods to determine the anisotropic material properties of woodDackermann, U; Elsener, R; Li, J; Crews, K
2019-07-01Improving energy efficiency of existing residential buildings using effective thermal retrofit of building envelopeFar, C; Far, H
2016-03-01Indoor air pollutants in occupational buildings in a sub-tropical climate: Comparison among ventilation typesIrga, PJ; Torpy, FR
2017-09-01Enhanced discrete particle swarm optimization path planning for UAV vision-based surface inspectionPhung, MD; Quach, CH; Dinh, TH; Ha, Q
2017-05-01Modified 3D printed powder to cement-based material and mechanical properties of cement scaffold used in 3D printingShakor, P; Sanjayan, J; Nazari, A; Nejadi, S
2018-08-10Development of ultra-high performance concrete with high fire resistanceLiang, X; Wu, C; Su, Y; Chen, Z; Li, Z
2018-03-20Meso-scale modelling of steel fibre reinforced concrete with high strengthLiang, X; Wu, C
2020-07-15Characterisation of fungal and bacterial dynamics in an active green wall used for indoor air pollutant removalFleck R; Gill RL; Pettit T; Irga PJ; Williams NLR; Seymour JR; Torpy FR
2020-10-29Natural Time Period Equations for Moment Resisting Reinforced Concrete Structures Comprising Hollow SectionsPrajapati SS; Far H; Aghayarzadeh M
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