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2019-12-01Analysis of mass transfer behavior in membrane distillation: Mathematical modeling under various conditionsDamtie, MM; Woo, YC; Kim, B; Park, KD; Hailemariam, RH; Shon, HK; Choi, JS
2019Occurrence, removal and environmental risk of markers of five drugs of abuse in urban wastewater systems in South AustraliaYadav MK; Short MD; Gerber C; van Den Akker B; Aryal R; Saint CP
2001-05-15Polychlorinated biphenyl congeners and organochlorine insecticides in the water column and sediments of Daya Bay, ChinaZhou, JL; Maskaoui, K; Qiu, YW; Hong, HS; Wang, ZD
2020-03-01Valorization of sewage sludge in the fabrication of construction and building materials: A reviewChang Z; Long G; Zhou JL; Ma C
2018-10-01A separation-free polyacrylamide/bentonite/graphitic carbon nitride hydrogel with excellent performance in water treatmentHao, Q; Chen, T; Wang, R; Feng, J; Chen, D; Yao, W
2020-03Removal of As (V) from the aqueous solution by a modified granular ferric hydroxide adsorbent.Pham TT; Ngo HH; Tran VS; Nguyen MK
2016-05-01Performance evaluation of powdered activated carbon for removing 28 types of antibiotics from waterZhang, X; Guo, W; Ngo, HH; Wen, H; Li, N; Wu, W
2011-07-01Physicochemical characterization of particulate emissions from a compression ignition engine employing two injection technologies and three fuelsSurawski, NC; Miljevic, B; Ayoko, GA; Roberts, BA; Elbagir, S; Fairfull-Smith, KE; Bottle, SE; Ristovski, ZD
2019-02-10Effect of metabolic uncoupler, 2,4‑dinitrophenol (DNP) on sludge properties and fouling potential in ultrafiltration membrane processDing, A; Lin, D; Zhao, Y; Ngo, HH; Guo, W; Bai, L; Luo, X; Li, G; Ren, N; Liang, H
2010-07-15Preparation of titanium dioxide nanoparticles from electrocoagulated sludge using sacrificial titanium electrodesShon, HK; Phuntsho, S; Vigneswaran, S; Kandasamy, J; Nghiem, LD; Kim, GJ; Kim, JB; Kim, JH
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