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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-05-01A Computationally Efficient 3-D Full-Wave Model for Coherent em Scattering from Complex-Geometry Hydrometeors Based on MoM/CBFM-Enhanced AlgorithmFenni, I; Haddad, ZS; Roussel, H; Kuo, KS; Mittra, R
2019-10-01A comparison of frictional and socketed concrete injected columns in a transition zoneMahdavi, H; Fatahi, B; Khabbaz, H
2015-01-01Cardinal directions: a comparison of direction relation matrix and objects interaction matrixLi, S; Liu, W
2019-01-01A numerical comparison of installation sequences of plain concrete rigid inclusionsNguyen, HH; Khabbaz, H; Fatahi, B
2016-01-01Analysis of CMC-Supported Embankments Considering Soil ArchingGhosh, B; Fatahi, B; Khabbaz, H; Kamruzzaman, AHM
2017-02-01Application of fractional calculus in modelling ballast deformation under cyclic loadingSun, Y; Indraratna, B; Carter, JP; Marchant, T; Nimbalkar, S
2008-12-01A critical review on granular dam filter behaviour - From particle sizes to constriction-based design criteriaIndraratna, B; Trani, LD; Khabbaz, H
2016-01-01Three-Dimensional Simulation of a Load Transfer Mechanism for Frictional and End Bearing CMC Supported Embankments on Soft SoilMahdavi, H; Fatahi, B; Khabbaz, H; Krzeminski, M; Santos, R; Marix-Evans, M
2018-12-01Performance of ballasted track under impact loading and applications of recycled rubber inclusionNimbalkar, S; Dash, SK; Indraratna, B
2014-01-01Analytical solution for one-dimensional consolidation of unsaturated soils using eigenfunction expansion methodHo, L; Fatahi, B; Khabbaz, H
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