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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009-01-01Modelling the erosion rate of chemically stabilized soil incorporating tensile force - deformation characteristicsIndraratna, B; Muttuvel, T; Khabbaz, H
2011-03-01A multifeature tensor for remote-sensing target recognitionZhang, L; Tao, D; Huang, X
2016-06-02Indexing large geographic datasets with compact qualitative representationLong, Z; Duckham, M; Li, S; Schockaert, S
2012-07-01The role of ballast-fouling characteristics on the drainage capacity of rail substructureTennakoon, N; Indraratna, B; Rujikiatkamjorn, C; Nimbalkar, S; Neville, T
2019-08-01A stochastic particle breakage model for granular soils subjected to one-dimensional compression with emphasis on the evolution of coordination numberTong, CX; Zhang, KF; Zhang, S; Sheng, D
2016-01-01Numerical Assessment of Fibre Inclusion in a Load Transfer Platform for Pile-Supported Embankments over Soft SoilDang, LC; Dang, CC; Khabbaz, H; Fatahi, B
2019-03-01Active Transfer Learning Network: A Unified Deep Joint Spectral-Spatial Feature Learning Model for Hyperspectral Image ClassificationDeng, C; Xue, Y; Liu, X; Li, C; Tao, D
2016-01-01Influence of Shallow Foundation Characteristics on the Seismic Response of Mid-Rise Buildings Subjected to Strong EarthquakesNguyen, QV; Fatahi, B; Hokmabadi, AS
2011-05-27Use of geosynthetics in railways including geocomposites and vertical drainsIndraratna, B; Rujikiatkamjorn, C; Nimbalkar, S
2017-06-01A Simplified Semi-Automatic Technique for Highway Extraction from High-Resolution Airborne LiDAR Data and OrthophotosSameen, MI; Pradhan, B
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