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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-02-01Using eye-tracker to compare search patterns between experienced and novice workers for site hazard identificationDzeng, RJ; Lin, CT; Fang, YC
2012-01-01Spatial proximity is more than just a distance measureBrennan, J; Martin, E
2005-10-01The studio as laboratory: Combining creative practice and digital technology researchEdmonds, EA; Weakley, A; Candy, L; Fell, M; Knott, R; Pauletto, S
2009-01-01Graph theory application and web page ranking for website link structure improvementAbedin, B; Sohrabi, B
2014-01-01Reciprocal habituation: A study of older people and the KinectNansen, B; Vetere, F; Robertson, T; Downs, J; Brereton, M; Durick, J
2018-08-01Looking deeper into academic citations through network analysis: popularity, influence and impactPileggi, SF
2004-01On physiological computing with an application in interactive artEdmonds, EA; Everitt, D; Macaulay, M; Turner, GA
2013-05-01Fuzzy-TLX: Using fuzzy integrals for evaluating human mental workload with NASA-Task Load indeX in laboratory and field studiesMouzé-Amady, M; Raufaste, E; Prade, H; Meyer, JP
2006-04-17Creativity support tools: Report from a U.S. National Science Foundation sponsored workshopShneiderman, B; Fischer, G; Czerwinski, M; Resnick, M; Myers, B; Candy, L; Edmonds, E; Eisenberg, M; Giaccardi, E; Hewett, T; Jennings, P; Kules, B; Nakakoji, K; Nunamaker, J; Pausch, R; Selker, T; Sylvan, E; Terry, M
2012-03-01Experiencing coincidence during digital music listeningLeong, TW; Vetere, F; Howard, S
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