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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012Facile synthesis and immobilization of Ag–TiO 2 nanoparticles on electrospun PU nanofibers by polyol technique and simple immersionAmarjargal, A; Tijing, LD; Ruelo, MTG; Lee, DH; Kim, CS
2012Magnetic Polishing of Titanium-Nickel Alloy Stents: Surface Characterization and Catheter Deployment TestPark, C; Kim, T; Lee, D; Tijing, LD; Yu, M; Moon, S; Kim, CS
Jan-2012Optimization of foam-filled bitubal structures for crashworthiness criteriaZhang, Y; Sun, G; Li, G; Luo, Z; Li, Q
1-May-2017Evolutionary-based aeroelastic tailoring of stiffened laminate composite panels in supersonic flow regimeMarques, FD; Natarajan, S; Ferreira, AJM
1-Dec-2006Inconsistencies in safety glass standards for use in buildingsRay, A; Jacob, L; Davies, P
1-Jan-2004Tricalcium silicate T<inf>1</inf> and T<inf>2</inf> polymorphic investigations: Rietveld refinement at various temperatures using synchrotron powder diffractionPeterson, VK; Hunter, BA; Ray, A
Dec-2012Microstructure and Crystallography of Zn-55Al-1.6Si Coating Spangle on SteelChen, RY; Yuen, D
1-Jan-2011An adaptive tunable vibration absorber using a new magnetorheological elastomer for vehicular powertrain transient vibration reductionHoang, N; Zhang, N; Du, H
18-Jun-2010A dual adaptive tunable vibration absorber using MREs for vehicle powertrain vibration controlHoang, N; Zhang, N; Du, H
1-Oct-2011Semi-active variable stiffness vibration control of vehicle seat suspension using an MR elastomer isolatorDu, H; Li, W; Zhang, N
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