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1-Sep-2012Magnetic polishing of titanium-nickel alloy stents: Surface characterization and catheter deployment testPark, CH; Kim, TH; Lee, DH; Tijing, LD; Yu, MH; Moon, SD; Kim, CS
1-Dec-2012Effect of annealing on the phase transition and morphology of Ag NPs on/in TiO <inf>2</inf> rods synthesized by a polyol methodAmarjargal, A; Tijing, LD; Kim, CS
1-Mar-2013Inactivation of bacteria in batch suspension by fluidized ceramic tourmaline nanoparticles under oscillating radio frequency electric fieldsAmarjargal, A; Tijing, LD; Ruelo, MTG; Park, CH; Pant, HR; Vista Iv, FP; Lee, DH; Kim, CS
1-Apr-2013Hydrothermal growth of mop-brush-shaped ZnO rods on the surface of electrospun nylon-6 nanofibersKim, HJ; Pant, HR; Park, CH; Tijing, LD; Choi, NJ; Kim, CS
16-Jul-2012Using artificial intelligence to build with unprocessed rockLambert, M; Kennedy, P
16-Aug-2010Modeling of strip shape during cold rolling of thin stripJiang, Z; Du, XZ; Du, YB; Wei, DB; Hay, M
17-Aug-2010Analysis of advanced strip shape during cold rolling of thin stripJiang, ZY; Du, XZ; Du, YB; Wei, DB; He, XF
1-Apr-2019Debonding detection in a carbon fibre reinforced concrete structure using guided wavesGiri, P; Kharkovsky, S; Zhu, X; Clark, SM; Samali, B
1-Oct-2011Semi-active variable stiffness vibration control of vehicle seat suspension using an MR elastomer isolatorDu, H; Li, W; Zhang, N
1-Jan-2011An adaptive tunable vibration absorber using a new magnetorheological elastomer for vehicular powertrain transient vibration reductionHoang, N; Zhang, N; Du, H
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