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2015-09-03Effect of Extreme Pressure Additives on the Deformation Behavior of Oxide Scale during the Hot Rolling of Ferritic Stainless Steel StripsHao, L; Jiang, Z; Cheng, X; Zhao, J; Wei, D; Jiang, L; Luo, S; Luo, M; Ma, L
2013-08-28Experimental study on identification of inertia parameters of truck cab based on mass line methodGao, YK; Feng, HX; Fang, JG; Zhong, DW
2017-05-15Multi-scale modelling of elastic properties of balsaMalek, S; Gibson, LJ
2017-11-01Experimental and numerical study of reactive powder concrete reinforced with steel wire mesh against projectile penetrationLiu, J; Wu, C; Li, J; Su, Y; Shao, R; Liu, Z; Chen, G
2013-04-01Interface adhesion during sliding wear in cast iron after hot deformationZhang, Q; Jiang, ZY; Wei, DB; Zhu, HT; Chen, ZX; Han, JT; Xie, GL
2013-04-01Tribological properties of magnetite precipitate from oxide scale in hot-rolled microalloyed steelYu, X; Jiang, Z; Wei, D; Zhou, C; Huang, Q; Yang, D
2012-12-20Multi-objective shape optimization of body-in-white based on mesh morphing technologyFang, J; Gao, Y; Wang, J; Wang, Y
2011-01-01Effect of process parameters on mechanical behavior in hot-slab rollingYang, L; Ji, J; Hu, J; Romagos, A
2018-01-01Two decades of advancement in process simulation testing of ballast strength, deformation, and degradationIndraratna, B; Ngo, NT; Nimbalka, S; Rujikiatkamjorn, C
2019-11-01Static bending and free vibration of organic solar cell resting on Winkler-Pasternak elastic foundation through the modified strain gradient theoryLi, Q; Wu, D; Gao, W; Tin-Loi, F; Liu, Z; Cheng, J
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