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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014-08-01An interval uncertain optimization method for vehicle suspensions using Chebyshev metamodelsWu, J; Luo, Z; Zhang, Y; Zhang, N
2016-07-01Experimental study of CFDST columns infilled with UHPC under close-range blast loadingZhang, F; Wu, C; Zhao, XL; Xiang, H; Li, ZX; Fang, Q; Liu, Z; Zhang, Y; Heidarpour, A; Packer, JA
2015-01-01Numerical optimisation to obtain elastic viscoplastic model parameters for soft clayLe, TM; Fatahi, B; Khabbaz, H
2016-11-01Reconstruction and Analysis of Impact Forces on a Steel-Beam-Reinforced Concrete DeckKalhori, H; Ye, L; Mustapha, S; Li, J; Li, B
2012-06-01Recent studies on mechanical properties of recycled aggregate concrete in China-A reviewXiao, J; Li, W; Poon, C
2019-09-01Mixed hardening hyper-viscoplasticity model for soils incorporating non-linear creep rate - H-creep modelAung, Y; Khabbaz, H; Fatahi, B
2019-06-01Phase field fracture in elasto-plastic solids: Variational formulation for multi-surface plasticity and effects of plastic yield surfaces and hardeningFang, J; Wu, C; Li, J; Liu, Q; Sun, G; Li, Q
2016-07-01Estimation method of state-of-charge for lithium-ion battery used in hybrid electric vehicles based on variable structure extended kalman filterSun, Y; Ma, Z; Tang, G; Chen, Z; Zhang, N
2019-01-01A plastic-damage model for concrete under compressionSarikaya, A; Erkmen, RE
2016-06-01Behaviour of clay treated with cement & fibre while capturing cementation degradation and fibre failure - C3F ModelNguyen, L; Fatahi, B
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