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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-12-31Predicting adverse drug reactions of combined medication from heterogeneous pharmacologic databasesZheng, Y; Peng, H; Zhang, X; Zhao, Z; Yin, J; Li, J
2010-12-15Hierarchical clustering using the arithmetic-harmonic cut: Complexity and experimentsRizzi, R; Mahata, P; Mathieson, L; Moscato, P
2008-12-01A robust control design for heart rate tracking during exercise.Cheng, TM; Savkin, AV; Su, SW; Celler, BG; Wang, L
2015-11-04Optimum Experimental Design applied to MEMS accelerometer calibration for 9-parameter auto-calibration modelYe, L; Su, SW
2016-07-01Single-channel EMG classification with ensemble-empirical-mode-decomposition-based ICA for diagnosing neuromuscular disordersNaik, GR; Selvan, SE; Nguyen, HT
2014-01Coupling Graphs, Efficient Algorithms and B-Cell Epitope Prediction.Liang Zhao; Hoi, SCH; Li, Z; Wong, L; Nguyen, H; Li, J
2008-12-01Bayesian recursive algorithm for width estimation of freespace for a power wheelchair using stereoscopic cameras.Nguyen, TH; Nguyen, JS; Nguyen, HT
2014-01-01A similarity-based classification framework for multiple-instance learningXiao, Y; Liu, B; Hao, Z; Cao, L
2016-06-01Time to Osteoporosis and Major Fracture in Older Men: The MrOS StudyGourlay, ML; Overman, RA; Fine, JP; Filteau, G; Cawthon, PM; Schousboe, JT; Orwoll, ES; Wilt, TJ; Nguyen, TV; Lane, NE; Szulc, P; Taylor, BC; Dam, TT; Nielson, CM; Cauley, JA; Barrett-Connor, E; Fink, HA; Lapidus, JA; Kado, DM; Diem, SJ; Ensrud, KE
2016-01-01Weakly supervised human fixations predictionZhang, L; Li, X; Nie, L; Yang, Y; Xia, Y
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