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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2002-01Search For Minimal Paths In Modified NetworksYeh, W
2001-01-01Multi-level design model and genetic algorithm for structural control system optimizationLi, QS; Liu, DK; Zhang, N; Tam, CM; Yang, LF
2012-09-01Use of duckweed (Lemna disperma) to assess the phytotoxicity of the products of Fenton oxidation of metsulfuron methylAbdul, JM; Colville, A; Lim, R; Vigneswaran, S; Kandasamy, J
2011-12-01QRA Model-Based Risk Impact Analysis of Traffic Flow in Urban Road TunnelsMeng, Q; Qu, X; Yong, KT; Wong, YH
2016-06-01A safety-critical decision support system evaluation using situation awareness and workload measuresNaderpour, M; Lu, J; Zhang, G
2018-11-01Real-time monitoring of membrane fouling development during early stages of activated sludge membrane bioreactor operationFortunato, L; Pathak, N; Ur Rehman, Z; Shon, H; Leiknes, TO
2015-01-01The role of situation awareness in accidents of large-scale technological systemsNaderpour, M; Nazir, S; Lu, J
2018-05-01Texas LPG fire: Domino effects triggered by natural hazardsNaderpour, M; Khakzad, N
2009-07-30Pharmaceutical residues in wastewater treatment works effluents and their impact on receiving river waterZhou, JL; Zhang, ZL; Banks, E; Grover, D; Jiang, JQ
2017-04-01Spatial prediction of rainfall-induced landslides for the Lao Cai area (Vietnam) using a hybrid intelligent approach of least squares support vector machines inference model and artificial bee colony optimizationTien Bui, D; Tuan, TA; Hoang, ND; Thanh, NQ; Nguyen, DB; Van Liem, N; Pradhan, B
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