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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-10-01Personalized location privacy protection for location-based services in vehicular networksXu, C; Luo, L; Ding, Y; Zhao, G; Yu, S
2020-07-01Generalized maximum correntropy algorithm with affine projection for robust filtering under impulsive-noise environmentsZhao, J; Zhang, H; Zhang, JA
2019-05-01Smart Voltage-Source Inverters with a Novel Approach to Enhance Neutral-Current CompensationMd Rafi, FH; Hossain, MJ; Town, G; Lu, J
2021Intelligent Reflecting Surface Aided NOMA for Millimeter-Wave Massive MIMO with Lens Antenna ArrayLiu, P; Li, Y; Cheng, W; Gao, X; Huang, X
2019A generic cloud migration process model.Fahmideh, M; Daneshgar, F; Rabhi, FA; Beydoun, G
2020-10-15EMIP: The eye movements in programming datasetBednarik, R; Busjahn, T; Gibaldi, A; Ahadi, A; Bielikova, M; Crosby, M; Essig, K; Fagerholm, F; Jbara, A; Lister, R; Orlov, P; Paterson, J; Sharif, B; Sirkiä, T; Stelovsky, J; Tvarozek, J; Vrzakova, H; van der Linde, I
2019-01-01Extracting Multiple Visual Senses for Web LearningYao, Y; Shen, F; Zhang, J; Liu, L; Tang, Z; Shao, L
2018-01-01Water Policies and Conflict Resolution of Public Participation Decision-Making Processes Using Prioritized Ordered Weighted Averaging (OWA) OperatorsLlopis-Albert, C; Merigó, JM; Liao, H; Xu, Y; Grima-Olmedo, J; Grima-Olmedo, C
2018-12-01A Collective Route to Head and Neck Cancer MetastasisKulasinghe, A; Schmidt, H; Perry, C; Whitfield, B; Kenny, L; Nelson, C; Warkiani, ME; Punyadeera, C
2020-11-01The optimal blendings of diesel, biodiesel and gasoline with various exhaust gas recirculations for reducing NO<inf>x</inf> and smoke emissions from a diesel engineChen, RH; Ong, HC; Wang, WC
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