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2019-06-01Phosphorus removal mechanisms from domestic wastewater by membrane capacitive deionization and system optimization for enhanced phosphate removalJiang, J; Kim, DI; Dorji, P; Phuntsho, S; Hong, S; Shon, HK
2019-06-01Two approaches for synthesizing scalable residential energy consumption dataLiu, X; Iftikhar, N; Huo, H; Li, R; Nielsen, PS
2018-06-01Robust vehicle routing problem with hard time windows under demand and travel time uncertaintyHu, C; Lu, J; Liu, X; Zhang, G
2019-06-01Multiclass Support Matrix Machines by Maximizing the Inter-Class Margin for Single Trial EEG ClassificationRazzak, I; Blumenstein, M; Xu, G
2019-05-01AdaSampling for positive-unlabeled and label noise learning with bioinformatics applicationsYang, P; Ormerod, JT; Liu, W; Ma, C; Zomaya, AY; Yang, JYH
2019-10-01Development of a water cycle management approach to Sponge City construction in Xi'an, ChinaSu, D; Zhang, QH; Ngo, HH; Dzakpasu, M; Guo, WS; Wang, XC
2019-06-01Adversarial deep learning models with multiple adversariesChivukula, AS; Liu, W
2020-04Nitrous oxide production from wastewater treatment: The potential as energy resource rather than potent greenhouse gas.Wu, L; Peng, L; Wei, W; Wang, D; Ni, B-J
2020-06-01Efficient meta-heuristic approaches in solving minimal exposure path problem for heterogeneous wireless multimedia sensor networks in internet of thingsBinh, NTM; Binh, HTT; Van Linh, N; Yu, S
2020-11-02Empirical analysis of Zipf's law, power law, and lognormal distributions in medical discharge reports.Quiroz, JC; Laranjo, L; Tufanaru, C; Kocaballi, AB; Rezazadegan, D; Berkovsky, S; Coiera, E
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