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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-12-16Accelerated test for assessing the potential risk of alkali-silica reaction in concrete using an autoclaveCao J; Gowripalan N; Sirivivatnanon V; South W
2020-10-15Distributionally robust optimization for power trading of waste-to-energy plants under uncertaintyHu C; Liu X; Lu J; Wang CH
2020Convolutional Reconstruction-to-Sequence for Video CaptioningWu A; Han Y; Yang Y; Hu Q; Wu F
2020-11-01Effect of incompatibility between healing agent and cement matrix on self-healing performance of intelligent cementitious compositeXue C; Li W; Castel A; Wang K; Sheng D
2020-04-01Discussion of "numerical Simulation of the Shear Behavior of Rock Joints Filled with Unsaturated Soil" by Libin Gong, Jan Nemcik, and Ting RenPremadasa W; Indraratna B
2020-03Effect evaluation of microplastics on activated sludge nitrification and denitrification.Li L; Song K; Yeerken S; Geng S; Liu D; Dai Z; Xie F; Zhou X; Wang Q
2020-11-01Eccentric position diagnosis of static eccentricity fault of external rotor permanent magnet synchronous motor as an in-wheel motorMa C; Gao Y; Degano M; Wang Y; Fang J; Gerada C; Zhou S; Mu Y
2020-03-01Dynamic stress state around shallow-buried cavity under transient P wave loads in different conditionsLi Z; Tao M; Du K; Cao W; Wu C
2020-05-29Editorial: Geotechnical Innovation for Transport InfrastructuresNimbalkar S; Kolay PK; Sun Y
2020-04-01Dynamic Edge Access System in IoT EnvironmentWu H; Sun D; Peng L; Yao Y; Wu J; Sheng QZ; Yan Y
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