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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-01-01Survey: Sharding in BlockchainsYu, G; Wang, X; Yu, K; Ni, W; Zhang, JA; Liu, RP
2020-01-01Spoof Surface Plasmon Polaritons Based on Balanced Coplanar Stripline WaveguidesXu, KD; Zhang, F; Guo, Y; Ye, L; Liu, Y
2020-12Omentum support for cardiac regeneration in ischaemic cardiomyopathy models: a systematic scoping review.Wang, H; Roche, CD; Gentile, C
2020-01-01Editorial: IEEE access special section editorial: Artificial intelligence in cybersecurityChen, CY; Quan, W; Cheng, N; Yu, S; Lee, JH; Perez, GM; Zhang, H; Shieh, S
2019-01-01Highlighting the Importance of Considering the Impacts of Both External and Internal Risk Factors on Operational Parameters to Improve Supply Chain Risk ManagementSalamai, A; Hussain, OK; Saberi, M; Chang, E; Hussain, FK
2017-01-01Real-Time Energy Trading and Future Planning for Fifth Generation Wireless CommunicationsChen, X; Ni, W; Chen, T; Collings, IB; Wang, X; Guanacos, GB
2018Sub-optimal Implementation of Sparse Bayesian Learning with Reduced ComplexityZhang, JA; Chen, Z; Cheng, P; Huang, X
2020-02-01Analysis and Optimization of Radial Force of Permanent-Magnet Synchronous Hub MotorsShi, Z; Sun, X; Lei, G; Yang, Z; Guo, Y; Zhu, J
2019-01-01Multi-functional model predictive control with mutual influence elimination for three-phase AC/DC converters in energy conversionShi, X; Zhu, J; Lu, D; Li, L
2019-03-15Half a century of Quality & Quantity: a bibliometric reviewMas-Tur, A; Modak, NM; Merigó, JM; Roig-Tierno, N; Geraci, M; Capecchi, V
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