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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-10-30EEG-Based Brain-Computer Interfaces Are Vulnerable to Backdoor AttacksMeng, L; Huang, J; Zeng, Z; Jiang, X; Yu, S; Jung, T-P; Lin, C-T; Chavarriaga, R; Wu, D
2020-06-05Utilizing machine learning to prevent water main breaks by understanding pipeline failure driversWeeraddana, D; Liang, B; Li, Z; Wang, Y; Chen, F; Bonazzi, L; Phillips, D; Saxena, N
2020-06-15Assessment of temporal trend of COVID-19 outbreak in IndiaGupta, A; Pradhan, B
2020-01-30Tiny noise, big mistakes: Adversarial perturbations induce errors in Brain-Computer Interface spellersZhang, X; Wu, D; Ding, L; Luo, H; Lin, C-T; Jung, T-P; Chavarriaga, R
2021-04-24Systematic investigation into generalization of COVID-19 CT deep learning models with Gabor ensemble for lung involvement scoringHORRY, MJ; Chakraborty, S; Pradhan, B; Fallahpoor, M; Hossein, C; Paul, M
2021-09-30Fitbits for monitoring depressive tendencies in older aged persons: Qualitative outcomes of a feasibility study (Preprint)Mughal, F; Raffe, W; Stubbs, P; Kneebone, I; Garcia, J
2020-07-03Explainable Depression Detection with Multi-Modalities Using a Hybrid Deep Learning Model on Social MediaZogan, H; Razzak, I; Wang, X; Jameel, S; Xu, G
2021-02-12Visual representation of emotions in Virtual RealityPinilla, A; Garcia, J; Raffe, W; Voigt-Antons, J-N; Möller, S
2021-10-27How will electric vehicles affect traffic congestion and energy consumption: an integrated modelling approachGrigorev, A; Mao, T; Berry, A; Tan, J; Purushothaman, L; Mihaita, A-S
2021-10-03The isomorphism problem for plain groups is in $Σ_3^{\mathsf{P}}$Dietrich, H; Elder, M; Piggott, A; Qiao, Y; Weiß, A
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