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2021-02-03Unravelling the Physiological Correlates of Mental Workload Variations in Tracking and Collision Prediction Tasks: Implications for Air Traffic ControllersJohn, AR; Singh, AK; Do, T-TN; Eidels, A; Nalivaiko, E; Gavgani, AM; Brown, S; Bennett, M; Lal, S; Simpson, AM; Gustin, SM; Double, K; Walker, FR; Kleitman, S; Morley, J; Lin, C-T
2019-01-03Learning Graph Embedding with Adversarial Training MethodsPan, S; Hu, R; Fung, S-F; Long, G; Jiang, J; Zhang, C
2020-03-15Beyond Quantum Noise Spectroscopy: modelling and mitigating noise with quantum feature engineeringYoussry, A; Paz-Silva, GA; Ferrie, C
2021-01-01Fermion Sampling: a robust quantum computational advantage scheme using fermionic linear optics and magic input statesOszmaniec, M; Dangniam, N; Morales, MES; Zimborás, Z
2020-10-01Robust and Efficient High-dimensional Quantum State TomographyRambach, M; Qaryan, M; Kewming, M; Ferrie, C; White, AG; Romero, J
2016-01-14Dynamic Concept Composition for Zero-Example Event DetectionChang, X; Yang, Y; Long, G; Zhang, C; Hauptmann, AG
2021-01-24Episodic memory governs choices: An RNN-based reinforcement learning model for decision-making taskZhang, X; Liu, L; Long, G; Jiang, J; Liu, S
2020-12-02Average-case algorithms for testing isomorphism of polynomials, algebras, and multilinear formsGrochow, JA; Qiao, Y; Tang, G
2021-04-10TOPSIS and Modified TOPSIS: A Comparative AnalysisChakraborty, S
-Incremental Graph Computation: Anchored Vertex Tracking in Dynamic Social NetworksYang, S
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