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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-09-01Nutrient recovery from wastewater: From technology to economyYe Y; Ngo HH; Guo W; Chang SW; Nguyen DD; Zhang X; Zhang J; Liang S
2020-05-15Corrosion investigation of fly ash based geopolymer mortar in natural sewer environment and sulphuric acid solutionKhan HA; Castel A; Khan MSH
2020-12-10Coupling iron pretreatment with a constructed wetland-microbial fuel cell to improve wastewater purification and bioelectricity generationXu F; Zhu YJ; Wang YQ; Chen HY; Zhang YL; Hao D; Qi XY; Du YD; Wang B; Wang Q; Zhao CC; Kong Q
2020-11-01Engineering biocatalytic material for the remediation of pollutants: A comprehensive reviewMishra B; Varjani S; Agrawal DC; Mandal SK; Ngo HH; Taherzadeh MJ; Chang JS; You S; Guo W
2021-01Employing the synergistic effect between aquaporin nanostructures and graphene oxide for enhanced separation performance of thin-film nanocomposite forward osmosis membranesAkther N; Sanahuja-Embuena V; Górecki R; Phuntsho S; Helix-Nielsen C; Shon HK
2020-09-29Impacts of sulfadiazine on the performance and membrane fouling of a hybrid moving bed biofilm reactor-membrane bioreactor system at different C/N ratios.Zhang X; Zhang Z; Liu Y; Hao Ngo H; Guo W; Wang H; Zhang Y; Zhang D
2020-07-14Can Green Walls Reduce Outdoor Ambient Particulate Matter, Noise Pollution and Temperature?Paull NJ; Krix D; Torpy FR; Irga PJ
2020-09-01A topology of DC-DC converter based on multi-winding transformer for grid integration of multiple renewable energy resourcesJafari M; Malekjamshidi Z
2020-10-16Biomethane production from anaerobic co-digestion at wastewater treatment plants: A critical review on development and innovations in biogas upgrading techniques.Nguyen LN; Kumar J; Vu MT; Mohammed JAH; Pathak N; Commault AS; Sutherland D; Zdarta J; Tyagi VK; Nghiem LD
2020-04Combined biochar vertical flow and free-water surface constructed wetland system for dormitory sewage treatment and reuse.Nguyen XC; Tran TCP; Hoang VH; Nguyen TP; Chang SW; Nguyen DD; Guo W; Kumar A; La DD; Bach Q-V
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