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2019-07-01Analogical proportion-based methods for recommendation – First investigationsHug N; Prade H; Richard G; Serrurier M
-A self-adaptive deep learning method for automated eye laterality detection based on color fundus photographyLiu C; Han X; Li Z; Ha J; Peng G; Meng W; He M
-Enhancing learning outcomes from industry engagement in Australian engineering educationMale SA; King RW
2019-01-15Effect of concrete creep on dynamic stability behavior of slender concrete-filled steel tubular columnHuang YQ; Fu JY; Liu AR; Pi YL; Wu D; Gao W
2019-02-15Robust free vibration analysis of functionally graded structures with interval uncertaintiesWu D; Wang Q; Liu A; Yu Y; Zhang Z; Gao W
2019-05Sustainable dewatering of grapefruit juice through forward osmosis: Improving membrane performance, fouling control, and product qualityKim DI; Gwak G; Zhan M; Hong S
2019-12Endoscopic Vision Augmentation Using Multiscale Bilateral-Weighted Retinex for Robotic Surgery.Luo X; Zeng H-Q; Wan Y; Zhang X-B; Du Y-P; Peters TM
2019-01-01A Trace Lasso Regularized Robust Nonparallel Proximal Support Vector Machine for Noisy ClassificationChen WJ; Yang KL; Shao YH; Chen YJ; Zhang J; Yao JJ
2019-06-01Nonlinear in-plane buckling of fixed shallow functionally graded graphene reinforced composite arches subjected to mechanical and thermal loadingYang Z; Huang Y; Liu A; Fu J; Wu D
2019-01-01Marginalized average attentional network for weakly-supervised learningYuan Y; Lyu Y; Shen X; Tsang IW; Yeung DY
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