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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-12Feature Engineering and Supervised Learning Classifiers for Respiratory Artefact Removal in Lung Function TestsPham, TT; Nguyen, DN; Dutkiewicz, E; McEwan, AL; Thamrin, C; Robinson, PD; Leong, PHW
2011-02-01Frequency steerable two dimensional focusing using rectilinear leaky-wave lensesGómez-Tornero, JL; Quesada-Pereira, F; Alvarez-Melcón, A; Goussetis, G; Weily, AR; Guo, YJ
2016-12-04Identification and Analysis of Factors Influencing the Efficiency of Web Development Team Projects from the Students’ PerspectiveKong, X; Brookes, W; Wang, Z; Han, B; Liu, L; Smith, S
2011-08-01Development of a peer-to-peer information sharing system using ontologiesBeydoun, G; Low, G; Tran, N; Bogg, P
2011-08-01Frequency-domain AoA estimation and beamforming with wideband hybrid arraysHuang, X; Guo, YJ
2016-05-31A wideband polarization reconfigurable antenna for WLAN applicationsJi, LY; Qin, PY; Guo, YJ; Fu, G; Mittra, R
2012-12-01Electronic full-space scanning with 1-D fabry-pérot LWA using electromagnetic band-gapGuzmán-Quirós, R; Gómez-Tornero, JL; Weily, AR; Guo, YJ
2016-08-29Optically induced charge transfer as the foundation for nanobot technologyCanning, J
2012-02-01A pattern reconfigurable U-slot antenna and its applications in MIMO systemsQin, PY; Guo, YJ; Weily, AR; Liang, CH
2011-04-04Enhancing frequency-scanning response of leaky-wave antennas using high-impedance surfacesGarcía-Vigueras, M; Gómez-Tornero, JL; Goussetis, G; Weily, AR; Guo, YJ
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