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Jan-2001Differential Uptake of a Smoking Cessation Programme Dissemination to Doctors and Midwives in Antenatal ClinicsCooke, M; Mattick, RP; Walsh, RA
Jan-2001Involving men in antenatal educationLee, J; Schmied, V
Jan-2001'They've forgotten that I'm the mum': Constructing and practising motherhood in special care nurseriesFenwick, JH
Jan-2001Managing ventilatory insufficiency and failure in a patient with kyphoscoliosis: a case studyDunford, M; Donoghue, JM; Power, G; Mitten-Lewis, S
Jan-2001Measurements of String Tension in a Tennis RacketCross, RC; Bower, R
1-Jan-2001Contemporary breast-feeding policy and practice: Implications for midwivesSchmied, V; Sheehan, A; Barclay, L
1-Jan-2001Contemporary issues in Australian midwifery regulation.Brodie, P; Barclay, L
1-Jan-2001Addressing the burden of heart failure in Australia: the scope for home-based interventions.Davidson, P; Stewart, S; Elliott, D; Daly, J; Sindone, A; Cockburn, J
1-Jan-2001Clinical nurses as teachers: Insights from students of nursing in their first semester of studyJackson, D; Mannix, J
1-Jan-2001Struggling to mother: A consequence of inhibitive nursing interactions in the neonatal nurseryFenwick, J; Barclay, L; Schmied, V
1-Jan-2001Enhancing Holism? GPs’ Explanations of Their Complementary PracticeAdams, J
1-Jan-2001Direct integrative practice, time constraints and reactive strategy: an examination of GP therapists' perceptions of their complementary medicine.Adams, J
1-Jan-2001Primary care as intersecting social worldsTovey, P; Adams, J
1-Jan-2001Nurses’ use of professional distancing in the appropriation of CAM: A text analysisAdams, J; Tovey, P
1-Jan-2001Community-based continuity of midwifery care versus standard hospital care: a cost analysis.Homer, CS; Matha, DV; Jordan, LG; Wills, J; Davis, GK
1-Jan-2001Introducing external cephalic version to clinical practiceKarantanis, E; Alcock, D; Phelan, LK; Homer, CSE; Davis, GK
1-Jan-2001The role of nursing unit managers in educating nursesDuffield, C; Wood, LM; Franks, H; Brisley, P
7-Feb-2001Collaboration in maternity care: A randomised controlled trial comparing community-based continuity of care with standard hospital careHomer, CSE; Davis, GK; Brodie, PM; Sheehan, A; Barclay, LM; Wills, J; Chapman, MG
Mar-2001The externality of the inside: body images of pregnancy.Schmied, V; Lupton, D
1-Mar-2001Blurring the boundaries: breastfeeding and maternal subjectivitySchmied, V; Lupton, D