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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Dec-2012Narrative synthesis of health service accreditation literatureHinchcliff, R; Greenfield, D; Moldovan, M; Westbrook, JI; Pawsey, M; Mumford, V; Braithwaite, J
1-Sep-2011Narratives of the heart: Telling the story of children with a cardiac condition through a bead programRedshaw, S; Wilson, V; Scarfe, G; Dengler, L
1-Jan-2006Narrativizing errors of care: Critical incident reporting in clinical practiceIedema, R; Flabouris, A; Grant, S; Jorm, C
1-Oct-2016Narrowing the Gap? Describing women's outcomes in Midwifery Group Practice in remote AustraliaLack, BM; Smith, RM; Arundell, MJ; Homer, CSE
23-Nov-2015Nasal continuous positive airway pressure (nCPAP) for term neonates with respiratory distressFoster, JP; Buckmaster, A; Sinclair, L; Lees, S; Guaran, R
Jan-2010National Clinical Guidelines for Stroke ManagementPerry, L
Aug-2005National comparative curriculum evaluation of baccalaureate nursing degrees: a framework for the practice based professions.Leibbrandt, L; Brown, D; White, J
1-Jan-2015National consultation informing development of guidelines for a palliative approach for aged care in the community settingHolloway, K; Toye, C; Mcconigley, R; Tieman, J; Currow, D; Hegarty, M
1-Feb-2013A national cross-sectional survey of back pain care amongst Australian women aged 60-65Kirby, ER; Broom, AF; Sibbritt, DW; Adams, J; Refshauge, KM
26-Apr-2017National health insurance subscription and maternal healthcare utilisation across mothers' wealth status in GhanaAmeyaw, EK; Kofinti, RE; Appiah, F
1-Oct-2018National Heart Foundation of Australia and Cardiac Society of Australia and New Zealand: Guidelines for the Prevention, Detection, and Management of Heart Failure in Australia 2018Atherton, JJ; Sindone, A; De Pasquale, CG; Driscoll, A; MacDonald, PS; Hopper, I; Kistler, PM; Briffa, T; Wong, J; Abhayaratna, W; Thomas, L; Audehm, R; Newton, P; O'Loughlin, J; Branagan, M; Connell, C
1-Mar-2016The National Perinatal Depression Initiative: An evaluation of access to general practitioners, psychologists and psychiatrists through the Medicare Benefits ScheduleChambers, GM; Randall, S; Hoang, VP; Sullivan, EA; Highet, N; Croft, M; Mihalopoulos, C; Morgan, VA; Reilly, N; Austin, MP
1-Jan-2018National quality indicators and policies from 15 countries leading in adult end-of-life care: A systematic environmental scanVirdun, C; Luckett, T; Lorenz, KA; Phillips, J
Jan-2011The National Registration and Accreditation Scheme: What Would Inclusion Mean for Naturopaths and Western Herbalists? Part 2: Implications for Clinical PracticeWardle, J
1-Dec-2010The national registration and accreditation scheme: What would inclusion mean for naturopathy and Western herbal medicine? Part I: The legislationWardle, J
1-Mar-2011The national registration and accreditation scheme: What would inclusion mean for naturopathy and western herbal medicine? Part II: Practice implicationsWardle, J
1-Jun-2011National regulation in Australia: A time for standardisation in roles and titlesDuffield, CM; Gardner, G; Chang, AM; Fry, M; Stasa, H
Jan-2006Natural eating behavior in latent labor and its effect on outcomes in active laborParsons, M; John, B; Nagy, SA
1-May-2005The natural history of white coat hypertension during pregnancyBrown, MA; Mangos, G; Davis, G; Homer, C
1-Dec-2010The nature and impact of collaboration and integrated service delivery for pregnant women, children and familiesSchmied, V; Mills, A; Kruske, S; Kemp, L; Fowler, C; Homer, C