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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2013Public health and health services research in integrative medicine: An emerging, essential focusAdams, J; Sommers, E; Robinson, N
Jan-2010Oral discomfort in palliative care: A study of the experience of termainlly ill patientsRohr, Y; Adams, J; Young, L
Jan-2012Topical and oral complementary and alternative medicine in acne: A consideration of contextAdams, J; Andrews, GJ; Barnes, J; Broom, A; Magin, P; Adams, J; Andrews, G; Barnes, J; Broom, A; Magin, P
Jan-2013Naturopaths: Their central role in primary health care deliveryAdams, J; Adams, J; Magin, P; Broom, A
Jan-2013Understanding integrative medicine: The importance of a critical social science perspective and research capacity building.Adams, J; Broom, A; Nascimento, MCD; Nogueira, MI
Jan-2013A sociological approach to CAM education.Broom, A; Adams, J; Nascimento, MCD; Nogueira, MI
Jan-2011Medecine complementaire et alternative: production et consummation.Andrews, GJ; Adams, J; Segrott, J; Fleuret, SB; Hoyez, ACC
1-Jan-2013Providing leadership in complementary medicine research: Introducing the Australian Research Centre in Complementary and Integrative Medicine (ARCCIM), Faculty of Health, University of Technology SydneyAdams, J
1-Aug-2006The causes of acne: a qualitative study of patient perceptions of acne causation and their implications for acne care.Magin, P; Adams, J; Heading, G; Pond, D; Smith, W
1-Jan-2014The significance of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) as self-care: Examining 'hidden' health-seeking behaviour for chronic illness in later lifeAdams, J; Kroll, T; Broom, A
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