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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013-11-18Publicly-funded homebirth in Australia: A review of maternal and neonatal outcomes for the last six yearsCatling, C; Coddington, R; Foureur, M; Homer, CSE
2020-11-19The use of continuous foetal monitoring technologies that enable mobility in labour for women with complex pregnancies: A survey of Australian and New Zealand hospitals.Fox, D; Maude, R; Coddington, R; Woodworth, R; Scarf, V; Watson, K; Foureur, M
2022-09-01P22 Negotiating the system: Women’s experiences of antenatal exclusion from publicly-funded homebirthCoddington, R; Fox, D; Scarf, V; Catling, C
2021-12-07Harnessing technology to enable all women mobility in labour and birth: feasibility of implementing beltless non-invasive fetal ECG applying the NASSS framework.Fox, D; Coddington, R; Scarf, V; Bisits, A; Lainchbury, A; Woodworth, R; Maude, R; Foureur, M; Sandall, J
2022-08-01Freedom to move, freedom to focus on quality birthing careFox, D; Scarf, V; Coddington, R
2022-06-25Getting kicked off the program: Women's experiences of antenatal exclusion from publicly-funded homebirth in Australia.Coddington, R; Fox, D; Scarf, V; Catling, C
2021-09-20Wanting to be 'with woman', not with machine: Midwives' experiences of caring for women being continuously monitored in labour.Fox, D; Coddington, R; Scarf, V
2020-09Seeing birth in a new light: The transformational effect of exposure to homebirth for hospital-based midwivesCoddington, R; Catling, C; Homer, C
2023-11Australian women's experiences of wearing a non-invasive fetal electrocardiography (NIFECG) device during labour.Coddington, R; Scarf, V; Fox, D
2023-03-01Assessment of childbirth-related post traumatic stress disorder in Australian mothers: Psychometric properties of the City Birth Trauma Scale.Fameli, A-L; Costa, DSJ; Coddington, R; Hawes, DJ
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