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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Assessing Knowledge Gaps of Women and Healthcare Providers Concerning Cardiovascular Risk After Hypertensive Disorders of Pregnancy-A Scoping Review.Roth, H; LeMarquand, G; Henry, A; Homer, C
2016-10-01Postpartum physiology, psychology and paediatric follow up study (P4 Study) – Study protocolDavis, GK; Roberts, L; Mangos, G; Henry, A; Pettit, F; O'Sullivan, A; Homer, CSE; Craig, M; Harvey, SB; Brown, MA
2020What are women's mode of birth preferences and why? A systematic scoping review.Coates, D; Thirukumar, P; Spear, V; Brown, G; Henry, A
2020Making shared decisions in relation to planned caesarean sections: What are we up to?Coates, D; Thirukumar, P; Henry, A
2020Women's experiences and satisfaction with having a cesarean birth: An integrative review.Coates, D; Thirukumar, P; Henry, A
2020-01-01Women's experiences of intrapartum care and recovery in relation to planned caesarean sections: An interview studyThirukumar, P; Coates, D; Henry, A
2020-01-01A systematic scoping review of clinical indications for induction of labourCoates, D; Makris, A; Catling, C; Henry, A; Scarf, V; Watts, N; Fox, D; Thirukumar, P; Wong, V; Russell, H; Homer, C
2020-12-17Assessing Australian women's knowledge and knowledge preferences about long-term health after hypertensive disorders of pregnancy: a survey study.Roth, H; Homer, CSE; LeMarquand, G; Roberts, LM; Hanley, L; Brown, M; Henry, A
2019-01-01Sex and gender in health research: updating policy to reflect evidenceWainer, Z; Carcel, C; Hickey, M; Schiebinger, L; Schmiede, A; McKenzie, B; Jenkins, C; Webster, J; Woodward, M; Hehir, A; Solomon, B; de Costa, C; Lukaszyk, C; Colville, DJ; Dempsey, E; Wright, GM; Mishra, GD; Fisher, JRW; Kulkarni, J; Mitchell, JA; Hutchison, K; Thompson, K; Jorm, L; Chappell, L; van der Meulen, M; Henry, A; DiGiacomo, M; Huxley, R; Ivers, R; Peters, S; Rogers, WA; Wang, X; Norton, R
2020-03-04Women's experiences of decision-making and attitudes in relation to induction of labour: A survey study.Coates, D; Donnolley, N; Foureur, M; Henry, A
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