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2020-06-03Evaluation of the effectiveness of a novel brain-computer interface neuromodulative intervention to relieve neuropathic pain following spinal cord injury: protocol for a single-case experimental design with multiple baselines (Preprint)Hesam-Shariati, N; Newton-John, T; Singh, AK; Tirado Cortes, CA; Nguyen Do, T-T; Craig, A; Middleton, JW; Jensen, MP; Trost, Z; Lin, C-T; Gustin, SM
2020-09-18Anxiety and Adverse Life Events in Professional Creative and Early Psychosis Populations.Crabtree, J; Hudson, JL; Newton-John, T
2020-09'Barbed wire wrapped around my feet': Metaphor use in chronic pain.Munday, I; Newton-John, T; Kneebone, I
2020-02-17Risk of opioid misuse in people with cancer and pain and related clinical considerations: a qualitative study of the perspectives of Australian general practitioners.Luckett, T; Newton-John, T; Phillips, J; Holliday, S; Giannitrapani, K; Powell-Davies, G; Lovell, M; Liauw, W; Rowett, D; Pearson, S-A; Raymond, B; Heneka, N; Lorenz, K
2018-04-09The Language of Chronic PainMunday, I; Kneebone, I; Newton-John, T
2020-03-19The case for body positivity on social media: Perspectives on current advances and future directions.Cohen, R; Newton-John, T; Slater, A
2021-03-01Genetic counseling and testing practices for late-onset neurodegenerative disease: a systematic reviewCrook, A; Jacobs, C; Newton-John, T; O’Shea, R; McEwen, A
2021-01Think twice before starting a new trial; what is the impact of recommendations to stop doing new trials?van Ravesteyn, LM; Skinner, IW; Newton-John, T; Ferreira, ML; Verhagen, AP
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