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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Apr-2013Classifying running-related injuries based upon etiology, with emphasis on volume and pace.Nielsen, RO; Nohr, EA; Rasmussen, S; Sørensen, H
2012Maternal Recreational Exercise during Pregnancy in relation to Children's BMI at 7 Years of Age.Schou Andersen, C; Juhl, M; Gamborg, M; Sørensen, TIA; Nohr, EA
1-May-2013Comparison of gestational weight gain-related pregnancy outcomes in American primiparous and multiparous women1-3Lan-Pidhainy, X; Nohr, EA; Rasmussen, KM
1-Dec-2012Nonparticipation in a Danish cohort study of long-term sickness absencePedersen, P; Nohr, EA; Søgaard, HJ
1-Oct-2012Stillbirth and infant mortalityNohr, EA
1-Mar-2011Influence of psychosocial factors on postpartum weight retentionPedersen, P; Baker, JL; Henriksen, TB; Lissner, L; Heitmann, BL; Sørensen, TIA; Nohr, EA
19-Sep-2012Maternal distress during pregnancy and offspring childhood overweightIngstrup, KG; Schou Andersen, C; Ajslev, TA; Pedersen, P; Sørensen, TIA; Nohr, EA
1-Jul-2017Erratum to: Temporal trends of lipophilic persistent organic pollutants in serum from Danish nulliparous pregnant women 2011–2013 (Environmental Science and Pollution Research, (2017), 24, 20, (16592-16603), 10.1007/s11356-017-8992-7)Bjerregaard-Olesen, C; Long, M; Ghisari, M; Bech, BH; Nohr, EA; Uldbjerg, N; Henriksen, TB; Olsen, J; Bonefeld-Jørgensen, EC
1-Jan-2011Unemployment and pregnancy outcomes: A study within the Danish National Birth CohortMorales Suárez Varela, M; Llopis González, A; Gimeno Clemente, N; Kaerlev, L; Zhu, JL; Nohr, EA; Bonde, JP; Olsen, J
1-Nov-2011Estimating bias from loss to follow-up in the danish national birth cohortGreene, N; Greenland, S; Olsen, J; Nohr, EA
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