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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2008The challenges of evaluating midwifery continuity of careFoureur, M; Sandall, J; Homer; Brodie; Leap
Jan-2011Staffing in Maternity UnitsSandall, J; Homer, CS; Sadler, E; Rudisill, C; Bbourgeault, IL; Bewley, S; Nelson, P; Cowie, L; Cooper, C; Curry, N
1-Sep-2018Asking different questions: A call to action for research to improve the quality of care for every woman, every childKennedy, HP; Cheyney, M; Dahlen, HG; Downe, S; Foureur, MJ; Homer, CSE; Jefford, E; McFadden, A; Michel-Schuldt, M; Sandall, J; Soltani, H; Speciale, AM; Stevens, J; Vedam, S; Renfrew, MJ
1-Jan-2009Using video in the development and field-testing of a learning package for maternity staff: Supporting women for normal childbirthLeap, N; Sandall, J; Grant, J; Bastos, MH; Armstrong, P
1-Jan-2018Mental health and wellbeing during the transition to fatherhood: A systematic review of first time fathers’ experiencesBaldwin, S; Malone, M; Sandall, J; Bick, D
1-Oct-2018Development and evaluation of a novel Vital Signs Alert device for use in pregnancy in low-resource settingsNathan, HL; Vousden, N; Lawley, E; De Greeff, A; Hezelgrave, NL; Sloan, N; Tanna, N; Goudar, SS; Gidiri, MF; Sandall, J; Chappell, LC; Shennan, AH
1-May-2010Journey to confidence: Women's experiences of pain in labour and relational continuity of careLeap, N; Sandall, J; Buckland, S; Huber, U
5-Jan-2018The CRADLE vital signs alert: qualitative evaluation of a novel device designed for use in pregnancy by healthcare workers in low-resource settingsNathan, HL; Boene, H; Munguambe, K; Sevene, E; Akeju, D; Adetoro, OO; Charanthimath, U; Bellad, MB; de Greeff, A; Anthony, J; Hall, DR; Steyn, W; Vidler, M; von Dadelszen, P; Chappell, LC; Sandall, J; Shennan, AH
1-May-2017Midwifery continuity of carer in an area of high socio-economic disadvantage in London: A retrospective analysis of Albany Midwifery Practice outcomes using routine data (1997–2009)Homer, CS; Leap, N; Edwards, N; Sandall, J
1-Jan-2019Modified early obstetric warning scores: A promising tool but more evidence and standardization is requiredRobbins, T; Shennan, A; Sandall, J
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