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2019-04-01Agreement Between Breathlessness Severity and Unpleasantness in People With Chronic Breathlessness: A Longitudinal Clinical StudyEkström, M; Williams, M; Johnson, MJ; Huang, C; Currow, DC
2020-08Mapping the prison mental health service workforce in Australia.Davidson, F; Clugston, B; Perrin, M; Williams, M; Heffernan, E; Kinner, SA
2020-08US withdrawal from WHO is unlawful and threatens global and US health and security.Gostin, LO; Koh, HH; Williams, M; Hamburg, MA; Benjamin, G; Foege, WH; Davidson, P; Bradley, EH; Barry, M; Koplan, JP; Periago, MFR; El Sadr, W; Kurth, A; Vermund, SH; Kavanagh, MM
2020Converging crises: public interest journalism, pandemics and public healthSweet, M; Williams, M; Armstrong, R; Mohamed, J; Finlay, SM; Coopes, A
2022-07Yuwinbir - this way! Going beyond meeting points between Indigenous knowledges and health sociology.Williams, M; Marlin, D
2021-11Mortality among young people seeking residential treatment for problematic drug and alcohol use: A data linkage study.Bista, S; Nathan, S; Rawstorne, P; Palmer, K; Ferry, M; Williams, M; Hayen, A
2021-05-19Dhany: Paths for rural criminology illuminated by Aboriginal healthWilliams, M; Harkness, A; White, R
2019-08-30Social determinants of Australia’s First Peoples: A multi-level empowerment perspectiveJackson Pulver, L; Williams, M; Fitzpatrick, S
2017-12-01#justjustice: Rewriting the roles of journalism in indigenous healthWilliams, M; Finlay, SM; Sweet, M; McInerney, M
2019-06Justice targets in Closing the Gap: let's get them right.Johnston, I; Williams, M; Butler, T; Kinner, SA
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