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2021-10-08Entanglements of affect, space, and evidence in pandemic healthcare: An analysis of Australian healthcare workers' experiences of COVID-19.Williams Veazey, L; Broom, A; Kenny, K; Degeling, C; Hor, S; Broom, J; Wyer, M; Burns, P; Gilbert, GL
2022-09-01O33 “I think we should pull together as a team”- Together on the path to the top: Interdisciplinary collaboration in partnership with women on long-term health after hypertensive disorder of pregnancyRoth, H; Morcos, V; Roberts, L; Hanley, L; Henry, A; Homer, C
2023-01-01Confirmation and Validation of the Equanimity Scale-16 (ES-16)Cheever, J; Cayoun, BA; Elphinstone, B; Shires, AG
2022-12-11The PrU: Development and validation of a measure to assess personal utility of genomic results.Turbitt, E; Kohler, JN; Angelo, F; Miller, IM; Lewis, KL; Goddard, KAB; Wilfond, BS; Biesecker, BB; Leo, MC
2023-03-01Assessment of childbirth-related post traumatic stress disorder in Australian mothers: Psychometric properties of the City Birth Trauma Scale.Fameli, A-L; Costa, DSJ; Coddington, R; Hawes, DJ
2023-03Anticancer activity of NFκB decoy oligonucleotide-loaded nanoparticles against human lung cancerKannaujiya, VK; De Rubis, G; Paudel, KR; Manandhar, B; Chellappan, DK; Singh, SK; MacLoughlin, R; Gupta, G; Xenaki, D; Kumar, P; Hansbro, PM; Oliver, BGG; Wich, PR; Dua, K
2023-03Tackling the cytokine storm using advanced drug delivery in allergic airway diseasePatel, VK; Vishwas, S; Kumar, R; De Rubis, G; Shukla, SD; Paudel, KR; Manandhar, B; Singh, TG; Chellappan, DK; Gulati, M; Kaur, IP; Allam, VSRR; Hansbro, PM; Oliver, BG; MacLoughlin, R; Singh, SK; Dua, K
2023-02Effects of early mobilization on pulmonary parameters and complications post coronary artery bypass graft surgery.Esmealy, L; Allahbakhshian, A; Gholizadeh, L; Khalili, AF; Sarbakhsh, P
2023-03-23Receipt of Mental Health Treatment in People Living With Stroke: Associated Factors and Long-Term Outcomes.Tjokrowijoto, P; Stolwyk, RJ; Ung, D; Kneebone, I; Kilkenny, MF; Kim, J; Olaiya, MT; Dalli, LL; Cadilhac, DA; Nelson, MR; Lannin, NA; Andrew, NE; PRECISE Investigators,
2023-01The relationship between camouflaging and mental health in autistic children and adolescents.Ross, A; Grove, R; McAloon, J
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