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2019-07Qualitative analysis of domestic violence detection and response in a tertiary hospital.Baird, K; Carrasco, A; Gillespie, K; Boyd, A
2020-05-05Trajectories of hospital infection control: Using non-representational theory to understand and improve infection prevention and control.Hooker, C; Hor, S; Wyer, M; Gilbert, GL; Jorm, C; Iedema, R
2019-06-13Disentangling the costs of male harassment and the benefits of polyandry for femalesFox, RJ; Head, ML; Jennions, MD
2019-12Burden of anemia and its association with HAART in HIV infected children in Ethiopia: a systematic review and meta-analysisWagnew, F; Eshetie, S; Alebel, A; Tesema, C; Kibret, GD; Gebrie, A; Dessie, G; Abajobir, AA
2019-05Attitude of Japanese palliative care specialists towards adjuvant analgesics cancer-related neuropathic pain refractory to opioid therapy: a nationwide cross-sectional survey.Matsuoka, H; Tagami, K; Ariyoshi, K; Oyamada, S; Kizawa, Y; Inoue, A; Koyama, A
2019-12Cognitive behavior stress management during pregnancy: a randomized controlled trial.Li, J; Shao, D; Xu, X; Zhang, Y; Jiang, Y; Hall, J
2019-07Descrição de 18 semanas de treinamento integrado sobre a velocidade de deslocamento em atletas brasileiros de futsalOliveira, RSD; Borin, JP; Fernandes, PT; Uchida, MC; Borges, TDO
2019-12Activity Profiles in U17, U20, and Senior Womenʼs Brazilian National Soccer Teams During International CompetitionsRamos, GP; Nakamura, FY; Penna, EM; Wilke, CF; Pereira, LA; Loturco, I; Capelli, L; Mahseredjian, F; Silami-Garcia, E; Coimbra, CC
2019-04Monitoring quality of care for patients with pancreatic cancer: a modified Delphi consensus.Maharaj, AD; Ioannou, L; Croagh, D; Zalcberg, J; Neale, RE; Goldstein, D; Merrett, N; Kench, JG; White, K; Pilgrim, CHC; Chantrill, L; Cosman, P; Kneebone, A; Lipton, L; Nikfarjam, M; Philip, J; Sandroussi, C; Tagkalidis, P; Chye, R; Haghighi, KS; Samra, J; Evans, SM
2019-06Barriers to pharmacists adopting professional responsibilities that support the appropriate and safe use of dietary supplements in the United States: Perspectives of key stakeholders.Ung, COL; Harnett, JE; Hu, H; Desselle, SP
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