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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-01-01Midwifery workplace culture in Australia: A national survey of midwivesCatling, C; Rossiter, C
2020-01-01International students in Australia, employability and cultural competenceNguyen T; Hartz D
2015-01Use of an Innovative Personality-Mindset Profiling Tool to Guide Culture-Change Strategies among Different Healthcare Worker Groups.Grayson ML; Macesic N; Huang GK; Bond K; Fletcher J; Gilbert GL; Gordon DL; Hellsten JF; Iredell J; Keighley C; Stuart RL; Xuereb CS; Cruickshank M
2020-10-20Media representation of COVID-19 pandemic: An Australian perspectiveCruickshank M; Bouchoucha S; Lucas J; Al Miqdadi M
2020-10-17The clinical obesity maintenance model: a structural equation model.Spirou D; Smith E; Wood K; Raman J
2020-09Influence of ball possession and playing position on the physical demands encountered during professional basketball games.Ferioli D; Rampinini E; Martin M; Rucco D; Torre AL; Petway A; Scanlan A
2020-07-02A call to protect patients, correctional staff and healthcare professionals in jails and prisons during the COVID-19 pandemic.Oladeru OT; Tran N-T; Al-Rousan T; Williams B; Zaller N
2020-07'She would wash the patients as if she was scrubbing a dirty plate in the sink': Exploring nursing students experiences of care delivery.Jack K; Levett-Jones T; Ion R; Pich J; Fulton R; Ylonen AM; Hamshire C
2020-08-24Bowen Family Systems Theory: Mapping a framework to support critical care nurses' well-being and care quality.Jakimowicz S; Perry L; Lewis J
2020-06-09A cross-sectional study on caregivers' perspective of the quality of life and adherence of paediatric HIV patients to highly active antiretroviral therapy.Lahai M; James PB; Wannang NN; Wurie HR; Conteh S; Bah AJ; Samai M
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