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2019-12-01Characteristics of chiropractors who manage people aged 65 and older: A nationally representative sample of 1903 chiropractorsMoore, C; de Luca, K; Wong, AYL; Fernandez, M; Swain, M; Hartvigsen, J; Adams, J; Peng, W
2018-12-01Injury risk-workload associations in NCAA American college footballSampson, JA; Murray, A; Williams, S; Halseth, T; Hanisch, J; Golden, G; Fullagar, HHK
2019-12-01A Framework to Prioritise Health Research Proposals for Funding: Integrating Value for MoneyTuffaha, HW; Aitken, J; Chambers, S; Scuffham, PA
2020-09-26Men's sexual help-seeking and care needs after radical prostatectomy or other non-hormonal, active prostate cancer treatments.Hyde MK; Opozda M; Laurie K; Vincent AD; Oliffe JL; Nelson CJ; Dunn J; Chung E; Gillman M; Manecksha RP; Wittert G; Chambers SK
2020-01Plasmin Generation Potential and Recanalization in Acute Ischaemic Stroke; an Observational Cohort Study of Stroke Biobank Samples.Lillicrap T; Keragala CB; Draxler DF; Chan J; Ho H; Harman S; Niego B; Holliday E; Levi CR; Garcia-Esperon C; Spratt N; Gyawali P; Bivard A; Parsons MW; Montaner J; Bustamante A; Cadenas IF; Cloud G; Maguire JM; Lincz L; Kleinig T; Attia J; Koblar S; Hamilton-Bruce MA; Choi P; Worrall BB; Medcalf RL
2020-06A systematic review of workplace behavioral interventions to promote sleep health in men.Soprovich AL; Seaton CL; Bottorff JL; Duncan MJ; Caperchione CM; Oliffe JL; James C; Rice S; Tjosvold L; Eurich DT; Johnson ST
2020-09What would Florence think of midwives and nurses in 2020?Homer C; Bucknall T; Farrell T
2020-11-17Is additive manufacturing improving performance in Sports? A systematic reviewNovak JI; Novak AR
2020-10A discussion of healthcare support for adolescents and young adults with long-term conditions: Current policy and practice and future opportunities.James S; Perry L; Gallagher R; Lowe J
2020-01Access to treatment in prison: an inventory of medication preparation and distribution approaches.Tran NT; Pralong D; Secrétan A-D; Renaud A; Mary G; Nicholas A; Mouton E; Rubio C; Dubost C; Meach F; Bréchet-Bachmann A-C; Wolff H
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