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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2013Swedish Translation, Adaptation and Psychometric Evaluation of the Context Assessment Index (CAI)Kajermo, KN; Boee, H; Johansson, E; Henriksen, E; McCormack, B; Gustavsson, JP; Wallin, L
1-Mar-2013The influence of personal characteristics on perioperative nurses' perceived competence: Implications for workforce planningGillespie, BM; Hamlin, L; Polit, DF; Chaboyer, W
Jan-2013New Zealand Nurses' Perceptions Of The Continuing Competence FrameworkVernon, RA; Chiarella, M; Papps, E; Dignam, DM
1-Aug-2013'We just ask some questions...' the process of antenatal psychosocial assessment by midwivesRollans, M; Schmied, V; Kemp, L; Meade, T
May-2013Capturing clinician-client interaction: development of the 4D&4R observational tool.Rollans, M; Meade, T; Schmied, V; Kemp, L
1-Jan-2013Mining for liquid gold: midwifery language and practices associated with early breastfeeding supportBurns, E; Fenwick, J; Sheehan, A; Schmied, V
15-Mar-2013Sharing methodology: A worked example of theoretical integration with qualitative data to clarify practical understanding of learning and generate new theoretical developmentYardley, S; Brosnan, C; Richardson, J
1-Jan-2013The consequences of authentic early experience for medical students: Creation of mētisYardley, S; Brosnan, C; Richardson, J
1-Dec-2013Authentic early experience in Medical Education: A socio-cultural analysis identifying important variables in learning interactions within workplacesYardley, S; Brosnan, C; Richardson, J; Hays, R
1-Jan-2013How and why social science theory can contribute to medical education researchBrosnan, C
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