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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2015Sudden death in palliative careCurrow, DC; Vergo, MT; Ekstrom, M
21-Nov-2015Developing a gender-based approach to chronic conditions and women's health: A qualitative investigation of communitydwelling women and service provider perspectivesDiGiacomo, M; Green, A; Rodrigues, E; Mulligan, K; Davidson, PM
1-Jan-2015Improving the system for managing cancer painLovell, MR; Phillips, J; Luckett, T; Agar, M
1-Jan-2015An investigation of factors that impact patients' subjective experience of nurse-led clinics: A qualitative systematic reviewJakimowicz, S; Stirling, C; Duddle, M
1-Jan-2015Elements of optimal paediatric palliative care for children and young people: An integrative review using a systematic approachVirdun, C; Brown, N; Phillips, J; Luckett, T; Agar, M; Green, A; Davidson, PM
1-Jan-2015Is there a relationship between the diversity characteristics of nursing students and their clinical placement experiences? A literature reviewKoch, J; Everett, B; Phillips, J; Davidson, PM
18-Apr-2015The business of death: A qualitative study of financial concerns of widowed older womenDiGiacomo, M; Lewis, J; Phillips, J; Nolan, M; Davidson, PM
1-Jan-2015A population-based cross-sectional study that defined normative population data for the life-space mobility assessment-composite scorePhillips, J; Dal Grande, E; Ritchie, C; Abernethy, AP; Currow, DC
1-Jan-2015Comparison of anthropometry, upper-body strength, and lower-body power characteristics in different levels of australian football playersBilsborough, JC; Greenway, KG; Opar, DA; Livingstone, SG; Cordy, JT; Bird, SR; Coutts, AJ
1-Jan-2015Family Involvement in the Care of Hospitalized Elderly PatientsDehghan Nayeri, N; Gholizadeh, L; Mohammadi, E; Yazdi, K
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