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2016-01-01Efficacy of cabbage leaf wraps in the treatment of symptomatic osteoarthritis of the knee a randomized controlled trialLauche, R; Gräf, N; Cramer, H; Al-Abtah, J; Dobos, G; Saha, FJ
2016-10-01Effectiveness of assertive communication training programs for health professionals and students: a systematic review protocolOmura, M; Maguire, J; Levett-Jones, T; Stone, TE
2016-11-01Anticholinergic Drug Burden in Noncancer Versus Cancer Patients Near the End of LifeHochman, MJ; Kamal, AH; Wolf, SP; Samsa, GP; Currow, DC; Abernethy, AP; LeBlanc, TW
2016-06-01A resource for teaching emergency care communicationMacqueen, S; Woodward-Kron, R; Flynn, E; Reid, K; Elliott, K; Slade, D
2016-01-01Important considerations of the use of complementary and alternative medicine through pregnancy, labour and birth: An update based on recent Australian researchSteel, A
2016-06-01Editorial: Reflections on being a new nurse: 10 insights after four weeks as a registered nursePascale Blakey, E; Jackson, D
2016-03-03Treating breathlessness in lung cancer patients: The potential of breathing trainingJohnson, MJ; Currow, DC
2016Understanding the Gap in Saudi Nurses’ Knowledge of Dementia, Depression and Delirium (the 3Ds), and Investigating Their Relevant Experience: An Exploratory StudyYaghmour, S; Gholizadeh, L; Alsenany, S
2016Associations between Parental Problematic Internet Use and their children’s Mental Health: A parent-child dyad StudyLam, L; Columbus, AM
2016-02-15Acute heart failure admissions in New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory: The NSW HF snapshot studyNewton, PJ; Davidson, PM; Reid, CM; Krum, H; Hayward, C; Sibbritt, DW; Banks, E; Macdonald, PS
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